Lady Shri Ram College Alumni Association

Welcome back LSR Alumni or ELSAs as we now call ourselves!

It wasn’t over when you graduated. Wherever you are, however long its been since you’ve connected with college, LSR is always a part of your life. The College continues to be one of the foremost educational institutions in the country. Stay informed and be proud of College activities and achievements.

Come and join the Alumni Association and connect with your class and batch-mates through alumni events in your city, back to college meets and class reunions, and class notes on this website. The ELSA Alumni roll call is a powerful and enviable one, comprising a valuable network of women across the world and across professions. Tap into this storehouse of wisdom and knowledge through ELSA Connect forums including the Career Connect and Mentor Project.

A key objective of our Association is to give back to our Alma Mater, and to support college and students through various initiatives. To be a meaningful Association that will fulfil its Objectives, step up, stay involved and contribute in whichever way you can. To know more explore this website, some parts of which are still under construction, but will be up soon.

If you aren’t already a member, sign up for a Life Membership, and enjoy the benefits of being an ELSA.




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